An editor’s job is to make your work the best it can be—so that’s my job.
  • What do I do?
    • I work for individuals, businesses, corporate publishers, and whoever else might need my services
    • My personal philosophy of editing is what I call “the invisible hand” (borrowed from economics). My job is to make your piece the best it can be while keeping your voice and making sure that it’s still your piece, although I can adjust the level of editing to be as light or as heavy as you would like.
  • What do I edit?
    • I have worked on both fiction and non-fiction on everything from one page magazine articles and book reviews to full length novels and long scholarly manuscripts.
    • I work on both fiction and non-fiction (particularly scholarly and personal narratives/family history). In fiction I prefer youth and young adult genres, particularly fantasy, although I am by no means limited to that.
  • What won’t I take?
    • I don’t work on manuscripts that have explicit language or sexual content. I also don’t work on horror,
  • What else do I work on?
    • I also write in various genres, including magazine articles; narratives, such as family histories; and fiction.
    • I create indexes.